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Frank Gutierrez

IT Manager & Communications Coordinator

  • Managed the IT infrastructure, overseeing network setup across multiple buildings (school, offices, clinic) Wi-Fi access points, firewall security, and VoIP systems, and camera system installation.

  • Fix problems of username and passwords, software glitches, software and hardware installation issues.

  • Install and Maintain computer systems.

  • Management of Privacy and security of email system, accounting system and files, personal information registration and database.

  • Installation of Network Printers.

  • Managed on-site data server.

  • Forecasting budget of IT projects.

  • Preparing project scope for presentations.

  • Monthly report presentations to committees on updates and benefits/drawbacks of IT infrastructure.

  • Steered the coordination of volunteers and ministries, focusing on social media content creation, live event streaming, and IT requirements.

  • Provide Monthly Reports on the IT changes and how they impact/ benefit the business.

  • Led the creation and distribution of marketing materials and parish bulletins.

  • Monitored and improved the church website, ensuring consistent and positive public messaging.

  • Coordinated with third-party vendors for outsourced tasks.

  • Implemented data-driven strategies, analyzing marketing efforts, and adapting based on feedback and success metrics.

(919) 934-2084, Ext. 114

Frank Gutierrez
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