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Faith Formation

The Faith Formation program at St. Ann Catholic Church focuses on the development of our Catholic faith in the children and families we serve.


We are going to have a great year. Our greatest hope is that your whole family benefits spiritually from our program and that you all grow in love of God and live out your Baptismal promises evermore in Christ Our Lord.

Beside the formation of your children, this program also has the sanctification of your family as its ancillary goal. We ask that ever member of the family come each week and participate in our catechetical offerings. As a minimum, we require that family members

  1. Attend Mass every weekend (Saturday evening or Sunday),

  2. Pray as a family (if possible, every day),

  3. Come to Faith Formation classes each weekend, and

  4. Continue formation at home.

It is sometimes tempting to see the requirements of formation as obligations with which you should comply. Instead, try to dedicate this year to the Lord and make it an opportunity to grow in your spiritual life and truly understand the call you have as a follower of Christ.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our program. God wants to be closer than ever before to you and your family. Take advantage of all we offer.

Lupe Villa

Director of Religious Education

St. Ann Catholic Church

Clayton, NC

Family Praying
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