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Who Was Saint Ann?


Saint Ann was born of the House of David, the line which was prophesied to give birth to Christ. In Hebrew, her name was quite possibly Hannah, as Anne is the Greek derivative of the name Hannah. Saint Anne is the mother of Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus by Virgin Birth. The Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she would give birth to the Son of God.

Saint Ann As a Mother


The story of Saint Ann can be found in the Gospel of James. She and her husband Joachim were unable to conceive a child despite their desire and attempts to conceive. One day an angel came to them and told them that they would have a child. Because Saint Ann was so overjoyed, she promised that she would dedicate this baby's life to the service of God.


Saint Ann and Joachim's daughter, Mary, was an extraordinary child, as she was born free from original sin (Immaculate Conception). When Mary was a child, Saint Ann upheld her holy vow to God by reading scriptures to Mary and bringing her to Temple, after which she did not see her parents again.

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