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Liturgical Ministries

Below you can learn more about opportunities to serve during Mass. If you are interested in one or more of these roles, please fill out our interest form and the Liturgical Ministries Coordinators will contact you.

Candle Lighting Prayer

Altar Server

An altar server acts as a priest's assistant during Mass.

Church Altar


A Lector proclaims the Old and New Testament readings at Mass.

church service


A commentator reads announcements for the upcoming weekend Mass and leads the congregation in petitions.

Priest's Desk


The sacristan knows the meaning and purpose of the liturgy as well as the needs of the liturgical assembly. They work carefully to provide the liturgical items needed for a meaningful, prayerful, and active celebration.

Giving Holy Communion

Eucharistic Minister

A Eucharistic minister serves, distributes, and administers the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during Holy Communion, and distributes to parishioners at home, in the hospital, and in nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice facilities.



An usher greets and welcomes parishioners as they enter the church, helps them to find seats, and takes up the collection.

Announcements Before Mass

  • Hello everyone. My name is (XXXX). We welcome everyone to Saint Ann Catholic Church, including those joining us at home through social media. Today the church celebrates the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

  • I would like to take a moment to ask if there is anyone visiting our parish or who is attending our parish for the first time? If so, please stand and introduce yourself.

  • Do we have anyone who is celebrating an anniversary or birthday this week? If so, please stand and tell us so we may share the news of this celebration.

  • Parents, we ask that you accompany your children at all times.

  • Please remember that our Cry Room is an option ONLY for parents with 
    infants and young children. Parents should never feel obligated to use the Cry Room.

  • We have placed QR codes behind the pews, you may use them to be directed to the readings, parish events and online giving.

  • Holy Communion will be distributed in the back ONLY to those with special needs or those unable to come up front. If you need communion to be brought to you, please let one of our ushers know.

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